Google’s focus on the cloud industry may be relentless, but who knows. The company last year came under scrutiny when the news was leaked that it was considering exiting the cloud computing business back in early 2018. Google countered the statement by saying that it is trying to become the number two player in the market by 2023.

Google in 2020 is looking to accelerate its cloud service targeting various verticals across industries. Epic, one of the healthcare businesses, was looking to adopt Google Cloud Computing to improve its service but now is telling its customers that it is not moving forward with the plan. Google has, however, now announced 2 new customers, namely, Sabre, a company that provides backend services to hotels and travel aggregators, and Lufthansa Group, the world’s largest airline group, by revenue.     

Sabre is a preferred example of digital transformation; the company runs most of its services on legacy systems and currently is in the process of modernizing its infrastructure. The company has entered a 10-year strategic partnership with Google to improve its operational agility. Sabre is looking to add new services in the already set portfolio for its airline, hospitality, and travel agency customers, and even develop its current level of service. New technology will improve the customer experience and businesses are preparing the groundwork for their business growth.   

Lufthansa Group has selected Google to optimize the performance of its operations. A team from Google will directly work with Lufthansa to assist in this project. Dr. Detlef Kayser, a member of the executive board of the Lufthansa, said in a statement that by combining Google cloud technology with Lufthansa’s operational expertise, it will help the company in digitizing it further. It will even benefit in identifying the irregularities and implement countermeasures at an early stage.