• Alation reveals its all-new mobile application, Alation Data Governance App.
  • The new Data Governance App provides continuous and autonomous data intelligence using ML and AI.
  • Deepening its partnership with Snowflake Data Cloud, Alation advances data governance capabilities to provide autonomous stewardship at scale.

Alation Inc., a leading enterprise data intelligence solutions provider, has launched a new app – the Alation Data Governance App. It is designed to provide continuous and autonomous data governance. With this, Alation has also deepened its relationship with Snowflake Data Cloud as it aims to provide autonomous stewardship at scale.

The app is developed for organizations so that they can manage multi-cloud operations and eliminate manual data operations work, thus bringing flexibility in business operations. Alation makes use of automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) to boost data governance by eradicating the drudgery of data stewardship processes.

The app was designed keeping multi-cloud consumers in mind. The Data Governance Module for Snowflake helps organizations manage their data policies and protect their assets. It is also integrated with the Data Cloud.

Key takeaway

The Data Governance App comes with the following features –

  • Centralized policy center: This feature automates policy control and management and data policy synchronization. Policies can be enforced and applied to data when being used. This helps meet compliance and security objectives.
  • New change management workflow: This process is robust and easy-to-configure and ensures that subject matter experts review and approve catalog changes.
  • Updated stewardship workbench: Under this, the app automates stewardship activities by updating and curating catalog metadata in bulk via the user interface.
  • New governance dashboard: Through this feature, one can monitor and measure how well the data governance program has fared. It also provides details about the curation progress, policy compliance, and open governance tasks.

Expert’s view

Alation Co-Founder and CEO, Satyen Sangani, said, “For organizations to drive data culture, they have to get data right — make it trustworthy, protected, and compliant. Alation has reinvented the way organizations approach data governance by starting with people and leveraging the best technology to back into the most efficient and effective processes possible.”

“Alation has enabled Texas Mutual Insurance Company to move to the cloud with transparency and trust. Trust in data leads to greater confidence and better decision-making,” said Anthony Seraphim, Vice President of Data Governance at Texas Mutual Insurance Company. “What’s exciting about Alation’s Data Governance App is that it centralizes and automates key governance capabilities like policy management, helping organizations expedite their data governance efforts,” he added.

“Data governance is changing in organizations. The typical command-and-control approach fails precisely because it leaves individuals frustrated and disengaged,” said David Menninger, SVP and Research Director at Ventana Research. He elaborated, “Alation’s Data Governance App allows organizations to change the way they think about data governance, enabling better data use and automating governance processes to support a DataOps approach.”