• It allows IT, executives to focus on the most critical tasks and minimize manual capacity planning
  • It eliminates manual reporting and minimizes the financial pian of extra time spent.
  • The launch of the new service is a leap forward towards the future of storage optimization.

With the launch of its new service – Capacity Planning-as-a-Service – Clear Technologies, a leading IT service management company, has taken its storage expertise to the next level. Capacity Planning-as-a-Service (CPaaS) has been launched in partnership with Visual Storage Intelligence. The launch of the new service is a leap forward towards the future of storage optimization.

Digital transformation has pressed upon the need for continuous analysis of storage capacity to determine future needs for IT infrastructure, application, and financial resources. Be it any kind of storage environment, the CPaaS solution provides on-demand, comprehensive and actionable insights about storage utilization and performance. The solution also eliminates the risk of over-provisioning cloud storage. CPaaS can also come in handy for IT executives, as it ensures that staff resources remain focused on normal workloads and suspend manual capacity planning. With the help of storage experts from Clear Technologies, IT executives can confidently make the right decisions for provisioning on-prem and cloud storage capabilities at scale.

Let’s explore some benefits of CPaaS:

Human intelligence – Expert analysis and recommendations can help optimize storage capacity.

Proactive analysis – With one centralized tool, users can quickly identify and manage storage capacity needs on-demand. It’s the ideal tool to make informed data-driven decisions on time.

Operational Equity – Build risk-free IT operations forecast by eliminating the financial pain of extended time and additional resources caused by manual capacity reporting.

Expert’s View

“We’re committed to building a strong, service-oriented relationship with our customers. In some of our discussions, we noticed customers conducting manual capacity planning outside of normal business operations and utilizing outdated tools. With turnover, the skillset and intricate excel spreadsheets were left to team members without the knowledge or time to complete manual reporting. We identified a strong need for accurate, on-demand capacity planning to help these customers save money and maintain normal workloads,” said Phil Godwin, Clear Technologies President and COO. “We’re excited to unveil the new Capacity Planning-as-a-Service offering to ensure customers are optimizing their storage environment and making confident, data-driven decisions for the future,” he added.

“Developing the Capacity Planning-as-a-Service solution enhances the capabilities of the Visual Storage Intelligence tool,” said Van Symons, Visual Storage Intelligence Chief Technology Officer. “We created Visual Storage Intelligence as a client-driven tool to continuously meet the needs of our clients’ storage environment. Capacity Planning is the future of storage optimization, and we are helping clients take a modern, proactive approach.”