• Google One’s 5TB storage will cost around USD 25 per month and USD 250 per year. This is half of what one would pay for the 10TB tier.
  • The perks remain the same as in the 2TB and 10TB plans, which includes 10 percent off Google Store purchases, the option to add family members, access to Google experts, and a VPN for Android phones.

Tech giant Google recently added a new 5TB cloud storage plan on its Google One app. Following the termination of its free unlimited Google Photos storage plan in June this year, the users were forced to either keep their Google account stored data under 15GB, or pay for a Google One plan. The plan costs USD 10 per month for 2TB and USD 50 per month for 10TB.  Many users were in a fix as to how they could store their photos and videos without shelling out too much. The good news is that users now have a middle path.

The new 5TB plan is in line with its 2TB and 10TB offerings and will cost around USD 25 per month. The new plan is also available for USD 250 per year, which accounts for a 17 per cent discount when compared to monthly payments.  All Google One premium plans let its users access Google experts, enjoy extra member benefits, and add family members for sharing. In selected regions apart from India, users also can benefit from the Google VPN service.

In the Indian context, presently, Google One offers three storage plans (100GB, 200GB, and 2TB).

  • For the 100 GB Google One plan, customers can spend INR 130 monthly or INR 1,300 annually.
  • The 200 GB subscription is priced at INR 210 per month and INR 2,100 annually.
  • The 2TB plan costs INR 650 per month or INR 6,500 on an annual basis.

All these three plans are available for subscription on Google One website and application.

However, to get a higher plan (above 2TB), users will need the app for Android or iOS. After a 2TB plan, there is a 10TB plan with a price tag of INR 3,249 per month, followed by a 20TB plan for an INR 6,500 per month. The leading and top tier of 30TB costs INR 9,700 per month in India. Interestingly, 100GB, 200GB, and 2TB plans on the Google One App (iOS) have more prices than the website.