• MCSS (Metallic Cloud Storage Service) is an integrated cloud storage target
  • MCSS simplifies cloud for data management
  • MCSS is available in North America, EMEA, and APAC
  • MCSS comes with a new partner opportunity

Metallic Cloud Storage Service or MCSS by Metallic, a division of Commvault, introduced the most recent extension to its enterprise’s storage portfolio on October 7, 2020.

What is MCSS or Metallic Cloud Storage Service?

MCSS is a solution based on Azure and is engineered to streamline cloud for data management. More precisely, MCSS is an integrated cloud storage target solution for the Commvault Backup and Recovery Software and HyperScaleX appliance. The all-new MCSS combines technology from Commvault and Microsoft Azure to attain security and magnitude with the Commvault Command Center integrated with Commvault software.

Ranga Rajagopalan, Vice President of Products at Commvault, in a blog post mentioned, “Commvault’s storage portfolio is evolving to meet the full spectrum of customers’ data storage needs,” He added, “We now offer Hedvig for primary storage, HyperScaleX for our integrated secondary storage solutions and MCSS as our cloud storage solution.”


As per Metallic,  the new storage extension is promising and makes it a backup target, just as a disk or tape, all dealt with via Commvault software. Additionally, MCSS management under the Commvault Command Center makes it uncomplicated to onboard, configure, manage, and protect.


Data backup and security have been the super-priority for enterprises, and the pandemic has raised the stakes.

Based on a 2020 survey published by the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) ad Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), cybersecurity professionals have experienced a 63% rise in cyberattacks related to the pandemic.

Candy Alexander, Board President, ISSA, said, “While it’s promising to see that the majority of organizations were able to handle the COVID-19 pandemic fairly well, it is surprising that we are not seeing an increase in cybersecurity spending or prioritizations following this event.” He added, “If anything, this should serve as a wakeup call that cybersecurity is what enables businesses to remain open and operational. Organizations prioritizing cybersecurity as a result of the pandemic will likely emerge as leaders in the next wave of cybersecurity process innovation and best practices.”

As per Metallic, secure data backup of copies for crucial and sensitive data is an essential defense against fraudulent attacks. A large number of organizations that recover data do so from backup copies. But it is essential to understand that cloud backup varies across providers.


Metallic delivers what it calls a comprehensive “cloud shield” to offer protection against ransomware.

As per Indu Peddibholta, Senior Director, Market and Product Research at Metallic, sheds light on the capabilities of MCSS.

Take a look at what it includes,


Metallic offers modern security measures powered by advanced machine learning and algorithms.

Recovery readiness

Air-gapped copies are inevitable—unalterable copies of data with object lock guard to fight malevolent attacks. Offline copies with the capability to shut down connectivity are able to contain an attack rapidly.


Any access to the cloud backup data needs to be put through heightened scrutiny and additional security measures.

Besides, MCSS’ strengthened infrastructure is developed on Azure Blobs with multilayer security and keeps a check on operations driving the service. Metallic SaaS is ISO27001, SOC 2, and GDPR compliant. It encrypts all data, metadata on the network and the rest while enforcing security controls.


The all-new MCSS comes with a new partner opportunity.

Manoj Nair, General Manager of Metallic, said, “Partners can now offer an easy way to begin using the cloud as a secure, scalable, air-gapped backup target for their critical data.” He added, “MCSS can be positioned by partners to new customers looking for a comprehensive data management solution with cloud storage included. This is in addition to existing Commvault customers who want to enjoy the benefits of a fully integrated, secure cloud storage target with predictable costs.”

MCSS is managed the same way as any other Commvault software or HyperScaleX and is made to follow the same purchasing, estimating, and licensing workflows.

“We are compensating both distributor and reseller partners on MCSS deals. And, we already have an established margin for services that we are applying to this solution as well,” said Nair.