• Unify Hub manages storage in the cloud or on-site, from GB Labs or other sellers.

GB Labs, a storage solutions provider, recently launched Unify Hub. A Unify Hub is a platform created to meet all the media production environments’ challenges merging cloud and on-premise content. Also, it empowers remote production while maintaining data security and integrity.

Unify Hub manages storage in the cloud or on-site, from GB Labs or other sellers. Thus, offering a working environment that is simple and fast. It also provides tools for maximum productivity from production and post-production artists.

Dominic Harland, CEO and CTO at GB Labs, commented: “For most of this year, collaborative production has been impacted. Content is back to being stored in multiple locations, with all the problems of delays in moving material from place to place, the risk of creating multiple ‘master’ versions, and of course poor security.”

Unify Hub offers a unified approach to metadata and content.

Harland added: “Wherever your material is physically stored, the content you need appears as a single, secure and coherent source. That makes it ideal for high-efficiency collaborative and remote working.”

Using its management structure, Unify Hub enables groups and users to be recognized for each project. A single sign-on method can be used to access all appropriate cloud accounts, with pre-authenticated cloud endpoints appearing as Server Message Block (SMB) storage shares.

For system administrators, Unify Hub File Manager offers a single pane of glass overview and control. For users, their log-in gets all material they need on their workstation from wherever they are working, and the content is stored.