• Metito installed Pure’s technology to enhance the performance of its business-critical applications.
  • Metito IT team can easily manage all key performance metrics from a single dashboard using Pure1.

Pure Storage allowed the global utility provider to step into a new proactive management mode, guaranteeing zero downtime of business-critical applications.

The Pure Storage recently announced that Metito had installed Pure’s technology to enhance the performance of its business-critical applications, streamline storage management, and offer cost predictability via a unified dashboard. Metito is a global provider of intelligent water management and alternative energy solutions. The use of Pure’s technology at Metito’s primary data center showed positive enhancement in employee productivity and user experience across the company.

Metito has over 3,000 projects across 46 plus countries and serves about 1,500 plus users. The company is continuously developing and assessing its IT infrastructure, majorly storage, to be the industry leader.

Commenting on the critical role of storage, Prashant Menon, Manager – IT Infrastructure and amp; Support Services at Metito Overseas Ltd., said, “Any network or server outage can be resolved with no lasting impact, but storage is critical in the data center. When it fails, you are likely left with a lasting impact.”

A six-month procurement process between Metito and Pure Storage concentrated on discovering a solution that would deliver predictability, performance, and manageability. Since swapping to Pure, Menon and his team observed dramatic advancements in IT and end-user performance. Collaborating with Pure helped them to reduce the backup time from 2–3 days to just 10–12 hours.

Menon commented, “With the integration of the new storage solution from Pure Storage, a lot of the session timeouts disappeared, allowing more efficient use of time — users no longer have to restart sessions and/or re-input lost data.”

“We have also achieved a 30 percent improvement in application performance throughput which has resulted in increased productivity and a marked improvement in the overall user-experience,” Menon added.

Metito IT team can easily manage all key performance metrics from a single dashboard using Pure1 – a Pure’s cloud-based storage management solution. This solution also allowed the Metito IT team to move to a more proactive management mode, thus ensuring there is no downtime due to capacity constraints or a drop in the availability of business-critical applications. The time saved on administration also lets the team concentrate on novel projects that can add tangible business value.

Menon commented, “All the other vendors we considered offered legacy-storage technologies with a flash add-on and did not have the required software component to manage it. With Pure1, we have access to a more advanced solution, the latest technology and we can view all performance metrics from a single dashboard. All at a predictable cost of ownership.”

Assaad El Saadi, Regional Director, Middle East at Pure Storage, commented, “As organisations in the region continue to digitally transform, something that has been accelerated in the current climate, it is essential that they shed rigid legacy infrastructures that are a drain on IT resources and budgets and impact employee performance and efficiency.” Further, he added, “At Pure, we are delivering a modern data experience that enables our customers, like Metito, to transform their IT departments, and wider organizations, into true centers of innovation that can serve as catalysts for business growth.”