• IBM intends to enhance the performance of VTL and storage array products.
  • IBM developed an enhanced storage family called DS8900F.
  • The memory cache in the DS8950F storage solution was increased by about 70%, i.e., up to 3.4 TB.
  • With the use of Cloud Connect technology, data sets can be restored to any empty TS7770 system outside TS7770 grids.
  • IBM broadcasted about the SAS interface and Ethernet enhancements to IBM TS1160 tape drives.

IBM is now concentrating on enhancing the performance of its virtual tape library (VTL) and storage array products.

IBM Z and IBM Storage teams together developed an enhanced storage technology, the IBM DS8900F family.

There is about a 70% rise in-memory cache volume of its product called IBM DS8950F flash array, i.e., from 2 TB to 3.4 TB. Thus, it allows amalgamation of workloads into a DS8900F storage system. For instance, 8 IBM DS8870 systems arrays being merged into a single DS8950F solution.

On April 14, 2020, IBM announced that the DS8910F could be incorporated with the newest z15 model T02 mainframe and LinuxONE III model LT2 product. This mainframe-storage combination can assist in increasing the value of mainframe settings in a specific 19-inch industry-standard rack.

DS8900F assimilates directly with the TS7770 VTL, a disk array with a tape library interface. Thus, innovation is continuously followed by IBM TS7770 and IBM DS8900F systems that operate together with a purpose to accelerate mainframe-driven businesses.

Transparent cloud tiering (TCT) effortlessly automates the progress of data to and fro from the cloud and distributes much of the executive workload to the TS7770 and DS8900F storage solutions. Thus, decreasing mainframe CPU use by about 50%.

Mark Tansey, Storage Solutions Sales Director for long-time IBM business partner Vicom Infinity said, “The basic mainframe approach to data processing fits exceptionally well with modern workloads such as artificial intelligence and real-time analytics.” Further, he added, “We see a strong future for mainframe deployment and sales. This means that we must provide our clients with complementary data storage solutions that offer equal levels of performance, reliability, and security. IBM DS8900F and TS7700 VTL systems fill the bill perfectly.”

About IBM DS8900F and TS7770

  • IBM DS8900F can constrict information before transmitting it across a TCP/IP link to the TS7770 that is constructed as an object and can store up to 3 times additional data.
  • To send data to the TS7770 grid, SP 800-131A conforming in-flight encryption is expanded between specific VTL systems and DS8900F arrays.
  • The IBM DS8900F’s Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem (DFSMS) utilizes TCT to generate maximum size backups to the cloud that can be reestablished to any DS8900F system.

Using Cloud Connect technology, data sets can be reestablished to any empty TS7770 system beyond TS7770 grids. The data that needs to recover is emulated from a grid of TS7770 and is sent to the cloud pool, which is controlled by DFSMS. These novel features are backed in RStor, IBM Cloud, IBM Cloud Object Storage on-premises, and AWS S3.

Recent announcement

IBM recently announced its novel innovation, that is, SAS interface and Ethernet enhancements to IBM TS1160 tape drives, along with the support of TS1160 drives by IBM TS4500 tape libraries.

David Hill, a Senior Analyst at Mesabi Group, said, “IBM has done a good job in providing a comprehensive portfolio of storage for IBM Z solutions to address every enterprise data storage requirement and meet the demands of a modern, agile and secure to the core infrastructure.”

These continuous technological innovations help to consolidate the mission-critical abilities of the IBM TS7770 and IBM DS8900F, allowing the storage base for mission-critical multi-cloud environments.