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In a Data Driven Economy, Guesswork Can Endanger Your Business

In a Data Driven Economy, Guesswork Can Endanger Your Business

Published by: Research Desk Released: Sep 17, 2021

In today’s data-driven economy, hunches, guesses and gut instinct are rapidly being replaced by modern digital tools allowing your company to analyze the patterns of the past, assess and deploy current resources, and move
confidently into the future with the knowledge that you’re in lockstep with your customers’ wants and needs.

That ability to move at the speed of your customers is critical today as the balance of power in the buyer-seller equation has shifted permanently to buyers. They have more information, more choices, and less brand-loyalty than ever before—and those trends are only growing stronger.

As a result, businesses must have insights into the shifting desires and demands of their customers, and real- time data has become the currency of the digital economy.